Chevy Chase Lake – June 18 Meeting with Planning Department on Staff Recommendations

At RCA’s annual meeting on May 23rd, Planning Department staff discussed that they would soon be issuing recommendations for Chevy Chase Lake.  That draft report was recently released.  The staff vision calls for a much smaller scale project than that envisioned by the Chevy Chase Land Company.  From 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., on Saturday, June 18th, the Planning Department will hold a community meeting on the draft recommendations.  The meeting will take place at the Chevy Chase Village’s Community Center at 5906 Connecticut Avenue.  We encourage all interested residends to attend this important meeting.  Below is a message authored by the Town of Chevy Chase which provides additional detail and a link to the staff report.

A Message from the Town of Chevy Chase:

The Montgomery County Planning Department staff is hosting a community meeting on June 18th from 10am-12pm (Saturday) to discuss their recently released report which outlines the Planning staff’s draft vision for the Chevy Chase Lake (the area at the intersection of Manor Road and Connecticut Avenue).  The meeting is being held at the Chevy Chase Village’s Community Center at 5906 Connecticut Avenue (near the Chevy Chase Circle).  We would like to encourage residents to attend this meeting. 

The Planning Department’s recommendations are in stark contrast to the vision detailed by the Chevy Chase Land Company, the major property holder in the area. 

The Planning Staff’s Draft Vision: A neighborhood center at Chevy Chase Lake that balances redevelopment with the character of the established residential community.  Development would be limited to an overall new density of approximately 1.2 million sq. feet and building heights of 65 feet maximum (approximately 6 stories).  Rezoning would occur in two stages, with the greatest influx of density limited until the Purple Line is actually under construction.  (For more information go to

The Chevy Chase Land Company’s Vision: A transit-oriented development that maximizes use of the Purple Line Light Rail bringing 4.3 million sq ft of new development with 12 buildings that are 10 to 19 stories tall.  (For more information go to .)

Residents are encouraged to share their thoughts on either vision with the Planning Department at this meeting or by email:  The staff will be finalizing the sector plan report for presentation to the County’s Planning Board in the next month or so.

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