Storm Debris (Yard Trim) Cleanup Information

As Rollingwood recovers from Hurricane Irene, Montgomery County shares the following information concerning debris removal:

To report downed trees in the public right-of-way, call Montgomery County’s Customer Service Center at 311 (out-of-County: 240-777-0311, TTY: 240-773-3556).

If tree debris on your private property Dispose of your tree debris this way
meets curbside yard trim collection requirements
exceeds curbside yard trim collection requirements If your branches are too large for curbside collection, or cannot be bagged, bundled, or containerized:

  • Bring your tree limbs, branches and stumps to the Shady Grove Processing Facility and Transfer Station for disposal during regular hours of operation. (material size limits)
    • There is no charge for material that you bring from your own home.
    • You may bring in as much natural wood waste / yard trim from your own home as you wish; the 500 pound limit for the public drop-off facility only applies to trash.
      • Bring your branches, limbs and stumps over several weeks rather than all at once, if possible. This helps us focus our immediate post-storm efforts on managing debris from road clearing and power line repairs.
    • To avoid the busiest times on Saturdays and Sundays, take advantage of weekday evening hours where the drop-off facility is open until 8:00 p.m. for waste loads of less than 500 pounds or any amount of recyclable items.
  • Contact a private company such a tree service, landscaping or lawn service for assistance with removing and disposing of storm debris.
    If you hire a private company to deliver yard trim material to the Transfer Station for you, the Transfer Station’s fee scheduleapplies.

    • Tip: Check with your home insurance company, which may cover storm debris removal and disposal.

Curbside collection

To be accepted in our curbside recycling program, each branch or tree limb may be up to

  • 4 feet in length
  • 4 inches in diameter

Please bundle your branches and limbs, in bundles 45 pounds or less in weight, and 30 inches or less in diameter.

Loose yard trim must be in paper yard trim bags or labeled, reusable cans, each weighing 45 pounds or less. (Order yard trim decals for cans.) Please do not use plastic bags.

You may set out an unlimited number of bags, bundles, or cans of branches and other yard trim for pickup.

Pickups are made on your regular recycling day. You do not need to request a separate collection.

Was your curbside yard trim material not collected?

Report a missed collection.

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