Chevy Chase Lake Update

Proposed redevelopment of Chevy Chase Lake presents numerous challenges and opportunities for those of who live and work in our community.

As we have previously reported, RCA has joined a group of neighboring communities to work on issues of mutual concern. Over the past three months, this group – the Connecticut Avenue Coordinating Committee – met with the Chevy Chase Land Company (“CCLC”) to explore whether there are areas of agreement relating to redevelopment of the area. While it is too early to tell if a consensus can be reached, there are some areas of general agreement – mainly centered on underground parking, the amount of open space, and the general arrangement of buildings on the site. Building height and density issues remain unresolved.

Of major concern is the additional traffic the development will generate. Both Connecticut Avenue and Brookville Road will see increased traffic with added development. CCLC is conducting a traffic analysis which it will present at the next committee meeting this month. The planning staff at Park and Planning is conducting its own traffic studies. This analysis will look at traffic on Connecticut Avenue as far south as Bradley Lane.

CCLC is currently considering a site plan of approximately 1.6 million square feet. This includes 300,000 square feet of office space, 200,000 square feet of retail, 780 apartment units and a 120,000 square foot hotel.

Based on the current schedule, the Park and Planning Staff proposal for the rezoning of Chevy Chase Lake will be presented to the Planning Board in late February or early March. A public hearing will be held by the Planning Board sometime in April with a final plan sent to the County Council in the summer. Additional information can be found at the Planning Board site here.  Please also see the Chevy Chase Lake page on our website.

This map depicts the areas subject to redevelopment (click to enlarge):

As the process continues, representatives of RCA will continue to meet with our neighboring communities and the Chevy Chase Land Company. We will keep you informed throughout. Please contact RCA if you have any questions or feedback.

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