BCC Middle School #2 Update

From Fritz Hirst, RCA representative to the BCC Middle School #2 Site Selection Advisory Committee:

The BCC Middle School #2 Site Selection Advisory Committee met for nearly four hours last night.  All of the publicly-owned sites were eliminated except for Rock Creek Hills and North Chevy Chase Park.  Meadowbrook Park was eliminated because the entire park is in a floodplain.  On February 22nd, the committee will decide to either keep or eliminate each of the three privately-owned sites that are still under consideration.  The two public sites and any remaining private sites will then be ranked by the committee and the recommendations will be forwarded to the Superintendent.  The February 22nd meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at BCC High School.  The meeting will begin in closed session.  The public is invited to attend the open session meeting.

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