BCC Middle School #2 Site Selection Recommendations

On March 12th, the site selection advisory committee (SSAC) for a second middle school in the Bethesda-Chevy Chase cluster forwarded its report and recommendations to the superintendent and Board of Education.

Fritz Hirst, current RCA President with three children in MCPS schools, represented RCA on the SSAC.  Gilda Zimmett served as RCA’s alternate representative.

The advisory committee recommends Rock Creek Hills Local Park (3701 Saul Road in Kensington) as the preferred site, North Chevy Chase local park (4105 Jones Bridge Road) as the alternate site.  Rock Creek Hills is the site of the former Kensington Junior High School, and the transfer agreement provides for reclamation of the site should it be needed as a future school.

The public is invited to review the report and submit comments through March 26, 2012. Send your comments to bruce_crispell@mcpsmd.org or janice_turpin@mcpsmd.org

Next Steps: 

March 15th  9:00 am –  Briefing by MCPS staff to Montgomery County Planning Board on SSAC report and recommendations
March 30th  Superintendent recommendation released
April 9th  5:00 pm – Mandatory Referral at Planning Board on report recommendations
April 12th 4:00 pm – Board of Education action on a site

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