Police Weekly Crime Report

The Montgomery County Second District Police forwarded a weekly summary of activity in our surrounding area.

District Overview: 

  • A suspect was arrested in conjunction with two recent commercial burglaries at the same bicycle shop onConnecticut Avenue.  

D1 Beat:

 Commercial burglary: City Bikes, Connecticut Avenue.  For the 2nd time in two weeks a commercial burglary occurred at this location.  On Sunday 4/8 at approximately 12:15 a.m., patrol was dispatched to an alarm call and found the front window broken.  Based on information from the previous incident, a lookout was placed for a subject likely on the bike trail. The suspect was located riding a stolen bicycle.  Note: This suspect was charged with both events

Suspect: B/M, 23, 6’3”/205 lbs.; Washington, DC

 D2 Beat:

Pick pocketing: 7626 Old Georgetown Road.  On Wednesday 4/4 at approximately9:45 p.m., the female victim was shopping at Safeway with her purse over her shoulder.  Sometime during her short time in the store, her purse was no longer over her shoulder.  The victim did not note seeing and suspects.

D3 Beat:

Aggravated assault: 4100 block of Plyers Mill Road. On Sunday 4/8 at 10:15 p.m., an altercation occurred in the stairwell/hallway of the apartment building between the victim and the suspect (they share a child.)  A second suspect proceeded to escalate the situation by approaching the victim while brandishing a knife.  The victim had cuts about the face and neck, but was able to flee the scene.

Defendant: B/F, 21, 5’6”/110 lbs., kitchen knife; Kensington, Md.

Suspect: B/F, 41, 5’4”/150 lbs.; Kensington, Md.

Commercial burglary: Rock Spring Contracting, Plyers Mill Road. Sometime between Thursday 4/5 and Friday 4/6, a window screen was removed and the window opened allowing entry into the business.  Two laptops and a hand drill were reported missing. 

Residential burglary: Two incidents were reported during this time period.

9500 block of Standhope Road. On Saturday 4/7 between2:10 and2:45 p.m., entry was gained into the residence via a broken window.  Drawers and bedrooms were searched and a television was taken off a basement wall and then subsequently dropped on the floor and broken.  Nothing was reported missing from the residence.

9700 block of Parkwood Drive.  The victim purchased the house on Friday 4/6 and it was still vacant as some work was completed. Sometime between Sunday 4/8 and Monday 4/9, and unknown suspect pried a rear door and attempted to change the door locks.  A hammer and putty knife were taken from the mantle. Oddly, the suspect apparently mowed the lawn before leaving the scene. A neighbor heard the mowing and saw a white truck with a trailer but at the time did not think it was unusual.

E1 Beat:

Street robbery: 4700 block of Willard Avenue (lot behind Chipotle). On Saturday 4/7 at approximately noon, the elderly male victim returned to his vehicle after going to the bank when he was approached by the referenced suspect brandishing a knife.  The suspect demanded cash and then fled the scene.

Suspect: W/M, 20-25, 5’6”/160-180 lbs.; carrying a 6-8” folding knife

Residential burglary: Royal Dominion Court.  On Monday 4/9 at approximately 8:45 p.m., the female victim was inside the residence when she heard the unlocked sliding door open and then saw the referenced suspect inside the living room heading towards the foyer area. The victim yelled out and the suspect fled out the way he had entered.  The victim later realized her purse had been taken. Investigation revealed that part of the rear fence had been pushed down allowing access to the yard. 

Suspect: H/M, 35-45, 5’10”/170-180 lbs.; wearing a black skull cap & leather jacket

 E2 Beat:

 No significant activity to report.

 E3 Beat:

 Vehicle related incidents at Montgomery Mall:

On Wednesday 4/4 between 5:30 p.m. and 6:45 p.m., a black ’08 Jeep Liberty SUV (MD Tags/ 698M347) was taken from the parking lot.  The vehicle is still listed as stolen.

On Thursday 4/5 between4:00 p.m.and5:30 p.m., entry was gained into a BMW SUV via unknown means, and two laptops were taken. 


E4 Beat:

Residential burglary: 4400 block of Cambria Avenue.  On Tuesday 4/10 at 6:30 a.m., the victim awoke to find his wallet missing from a table.  No signs of forced entry were noted.

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