2 Comments on “See the New Sign Ideas Tomorrow!”

  1. Appreciate all the work the Board has done. I know the difficulties of balancing work, family and volunteering for a community assoc.
    The sign location at Beach and Leland is a great idea. However, as a major entrance to the community and an opportunity to celebrate Rollingwood with the available land, the sign should be more grand. Though costly, I could see a low stacked stone wall with raised letters “Rollingwood” and the green oval tree/leaf logo and est date recessed into the wall. Include lighting and appropriate plant material I think it would clean up the “island” while celebrating our community. I would like to sieze opportunities to have aesthetic signage unlike the ones used for “Martin’s Additions”, et.al.

  2. Gregg- Appreciate the feedback and kind works — and for commenting through the website! If there is any one entrance to Rollingwood, it seems to me that the triangle at Leland and Beach would be it. A “grand” sign on the triangle is a great idea. We are currently working on finalizing the sign design, settling on an affordable material, followed by sign placement at key border locations around Rollingwood. At the annual meeting, we discussed a grand sign as an excellent idea for a phase two concept. Perhaps our experience with phase one will help inform next steps. We will keep everyone informed and involved with this process. Many thanks again.

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