BCC Middle School #2 – County Requesting Comment on Rock Creek Hills Site


This sign is posted at Rock Creek Hills Park which was home to the former Kensington Junior High School. Montgomery County Public Schools is exercising its lawful right to reclaim the land for school use, as was contemplated by county leaders when the land was converted to non-school use.

As part of the process to transfer the Rock Creek Hills site to Montgomery County Public Schools for the new BCC middle school, Montgomery County is required to post notice of the pending transfer.  If you wish to comment, please send an email to the individual listed below.  Comments must be received by this Thursday, June 6th.


Bernie Fitzgerald, Real Estate Specialist
Department of General Services
Office of Real Estate.
101 Monroe Street, 9th Floor
Rockville, Maryland 20850
240-777-6011 Fax

For more information on the history of this site and the need for a second middle school, please see this video presentation:



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  1. Hey David, we are working as qkcuily as possible with Montgomery County government to secure our first permit from the county. Some of the potential sites are controlled by the Park and Planning Commission, and we anticipate it will take some time to work with that agency as well. The County specifies numerous requirements governing location, sign material, post material, and height. Six feet is at the upper limit. Hopefully signs will be in place by the fall.Illuminating the sign on the triangle is an interesting idea, and one that the board briefly discussed. Once we have a sign in place, we should look into it. We would need to evaluate the feasibility of running electrical service likely an expensive item or maybe a solar option. -Fritz Hirst, President, RCA

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