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Brunch Bunch Thursday — Maybe

Yes! The monthly Brunch Bunch, “where the elite meet to eat (and talk),” will be this Thursday, 10-11:30 a.m. at the Olympia Café on Brookville Road — with one minor caveat. SNOW! If County schools are closed or opening late on Thursday, this fun monthly get-together for anyone who wants to drop in, grab a cuppa or breakfast and chat with friends and new acquaintances, will be cancelled. The hopeful hosts for the day, Don MacGlashen and Naomi Kaminsky, will be bereft if that happens, but there’s always March 13, the next Brunch Bunch, to look forward to.

Fingers crossed, we hope to see you Thursday. Remember, there’s free parking behind the Brookville Shopping Center, off Taylor St. And newcomers are always welcome.

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