A Message from Chevy Chase at Home

A message from Chevy Chase at Home . . .

Brunch Bunch on Thursday

Join your friends and make new acquaintances at the monthly CC@ H Brunch Bunch, 10-11:30 a.m. Thursday, the 12th, at the Olympia Cafe in the Brookville Shopping Center. Buy a latte or a hot chocolate, maybe pick up an omelet or a sweet roll, and grab a seat at the Chevy Chase At Home table. Talk about anything and everything, or ask one of our hosts–Karen Bokat, Ellie Horwitz and Carol Sutherland–about CC@ H. Anything goes at this casual, informal get-together.

Brunch Bunch is an inclusive bunch, so why not bring a friend? And there’s free parking behind the shopping center, by way of Taylor St. Are you a Member who needs a ride? Call 301-657-3115.

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