16th Street & Military Road Bridge Replacement Project

Due to serious deterioration, the District of Columbia Department of Transportation is replacing the 16th Street bridge over Military Road. The bridge was originally built in 1956. The project will involve lane closures during much of the 11-month construction. If you have driven northbound on 16th Street recently – even during non-rushour periods – you probably experienced significant delays. More information is here.

Project Fact Sheet (from DDOT)

The existing 16th Street, NW Bridge over Military Road is in an advanced state of deterioration with the most recent load rating only slightly above the level for which a legal load posting is needed. The 16th Street Bridge replacement is expected to last eleven (11) months is underway. This project is designed using Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) concepts. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) says that “ABC is bridge construction that uses innovative planning, design, materials, and construction methods in a safe and cost-effective manner to reduce the onsite construction time that occurs when building new bridges or replacing and rehabilitating existing bridges.” DDOT is also using innovative contracting methods – Incentive/Disincentives to insure on-time project delivery.

The 16th Street Bridge over Military Road will include the reconstruction of the Military Road median with replacement street lighting from Oregon Avenue to 14th Street, NW. The 16th Street Traffic Management Plan (TMP) calls for the reduction of lanes from four-lanes to two-lanes at the bridge site. DDOT anticipates that the resulting delays on 16th Street are best mitigated by diverting a portion of 16th Street traffic primarily to Georgia Avenue. Advisory traffic signing will be posted well in advance (over 3.0 miles) of diversion points to the bridge construction site. Delays will be monitored by DDOT during peak traffic hours for use in public information broadcasts. One of existing loop ramp serving 16th Street and Military Road will also be closed as required.

Short duration closures of Military Road will be required for bridge demolition and removal, abutment construction, and superstructure erection. DDOT expects the bridges to be erected on- site in two weekend closures of Military Road. Each closure period is anticipated to occur on a weekend and last from 8- to 48-hours. The detour for Military Road is anticipated to be over the existing EB and WB ramps.

16th Street and Military Road is heavily traveled bus corridor carrying up to nine bus routes. DDOT has coordinated with WMATA’s Metro Bus. Their plans for serving passengers in the 16th Street corridor can be downloaded from this website. The anticipated closures of 16th Street and Military Road require route changes by Metro Bus. Additional details are expected prior to the start of construction.

A construction management consultant has been hired by DDOT to continue the public outreach for this important project for Ward 4, the District of Columbia and the surrounding Counties in Maryland. Your comments are welcome.

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