Chevy Chase Historical Society Invites Rollingwood!

This Sunday, March 10th, at 4:00 pm, the Chevy Chase Historical Society (CCHS) will host an illustrated talk by Kim Prothro Williams on “The Lost Farms and Estates of Washington”. The lecture is free and open to all. Rollingwood residents are especially invited to attend and learn more about CCHS and their programs.

CCHS was organized in 1981, and since then has collected, recorded and shared materials relating to the history of Chevy Chase. The nonprofit volunteer organization provides resources for historical research and offers lectures, programs and newsletters to foster knowledge and appreciation of the community’s history.

For the first time, CCHS is reaching out to Rollingwood residents seeking donations of any historical documents, photos or memorabilia relating to Chevy Chase. These donations would be added to the CCHS’s Archive and Research Center, a resource for scholars, students and residents located at 8401 Connecticut Avenue. This rich collection includes: photographs; maps; architectural drawings; documents, including diaries, letters and postcards; oral history interviews; house histories and resources to help citizens conduct their own house histories; books; DVDs and exhibits. To offer donations, search collections, or become a member, please visit

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