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The Rollingwood Citizens Association (RCA) serves the people of Rollingwood, Chevy Chase — a community of over 800 homes in eastern Chevy Chase, Maryland. Rollingwood is nestled along Rock Creek and Washington, DC’s northwest boundary.  Our mission is to serve our neighbors through advocacy, information sharing, and programs that promote community spirit.

Advocating on behalf of the Rollingwood community is RCA’s primary mission.  The Board of Directors is elected by the members, meets regularly, and is charged with developing positions and taking action in furtherance of this mission.  Residents are welcomed and encouraged to contact the Board with ideas and concerns, particularly when seeking RCA involvement.  Click here to contact us.

Rollingwood’s history is rooted in the 1930s and ’40s, as development in Chevy Chase moved eastward from Connecticut Avenue.  Many Rollingwood homes were built in the early years of the post-World War II housing boom as the quiet suburban lifestyle became an increasingly popular choice.  Our vibrant close-in community is one of the most established in the Washington, DC, area — home to great schools, parks, receational amenities, and convenient to our region’s many cultural opportunities.

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Founded in 1982, the Rollingwood Citizens Association has served as a voluntary organization dedicated to promoting civic advocacy and community spirit.  RCA’s origin is tied to the former Rollingwood Elementary School on Woodbine Street.  For many decades, the school had essentially defined the historical boundaries of the Rollingwood community and provided cohesive identity and neighborhood leadership.  When Rollingwood Elementary ceased operating as a public school, RCA was formed in 1982 to serve the community and promote civic involvement.  With the exception of a portion of the Village of Martin’s Addition, Rollingwood includes the entire neighborhood that was formerly within the Rollingwood Elementary School boundaries.  The neighborhood area extends from East-West Highway to Western Avenue and Beach Drive to Brookville Road around Martin’s Additions and includes over 800 households.

Since its founding, RCA has been an effective advocate for the needs of the community, including transportation and public safety, parks and recreation, and tree canopy preservation.  RCA also has fostered a sense of community through social programs, a newsletter, and similar initiatives.  Like hundreds of other civic associations in Montgomery County, RCA is a voluntary tax exempt organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Maryland.  Member dues support mailings, electronic communication, programs, and community events.  Membership is open to all Rollingwood residents and dues of $35 per year, per household, is requested.

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