E6 Bus Line

During the spring of 2011, the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA) proposed elimination of the E6 bus line.   Such action would leave many Rollingwood residents without any feasible transit options to access Friendship Heights and the metro station there.  Fortunately, RCA worked successfully with neighboring communities and together we saved the E6 Bus.

See RCA’s letter of oppostion:  E6 Letter

Recognizing the critical importance of the E6 bus to Rollingwood and other Chevy Chase communities, Distict 1 Councilmember Roger Berliner also wrote a letter to WMATA in opposition to eliminating the E6 bus.  Mr. Berliner’s letter urges a more appropriate balance between cost-cutting and serving vital transportation needs.

Read the letter from Metro announcing that the E6 Bus will remain in service.


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