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The Maryland Public Service Commission provides opportunity for the public to participate in the rate increase petition filed by Pepco.  More information is here.

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Members of RCA’s Electric Reliability Working Group met recently with Brooke Jeu, a National Energy Regulatory Certified Construction Representative from PEPCO. 

As we learned from our meeting with PEPCO last June, four PEPCO lines run through Rollingwood.  They are numbered 14896, 14900, 14264 and 14268.

Below is a chart of Rollingwood by street, which enables you to find out which line your house is on.  Note that a few streets are on more than one line.  In those cases have indicated which houses are on which.

Here is what Mr. Jeu told us: 

Work has been completed for all houses on 14900 and 14896.  

Work for those on 14264 is underway and is about 40 percent complete. For those of you living on Rocton and Woolsey whose houses are on this line, additional work is expected to begin tomorrow.  

Work for those on 14268 is expected to begin in late 2012. The work will consist of replacing old secondary wires with new triplex wire, replacing any transformers that are not performing adequately and installing fuses to isolate outages to a smaller number of houses.  A new automatic switching mechanism will be installed at the corner of Rocton and East West Highway to allow electric current to be  automatically switched from one feeder line to another in the event of an outage.   

NOTE:  Work may require that electric service to your home be cut temporarily.  Crews will leave door hangers alerting you to the time and duration of any electrical cuts before doing so.  

Also a tip for everyone: in the event of a storm it’s important that everyone call PEPCO so that they can nail down the problem(s) and location(s).  There’s no need to create block captains for outage reporting or anything similar because PEPCO needs to “see” every house that’s out.

STREET NAME line # Notes
Brennon Lane 14264
Brooklawn Court 14268
Brooklawn Terrace 14268
Brookville Road 14264
Bybrook Lane 14900
Camalier Drive 14896
Cummings Lane 14896
Daniel Road 14900
Greenvale Road 14900
Greenvale Street 14900
Leland Street (see note) 14900 house numbers lower than 3203
Leland Street (see note) 14264 3203 and higher house numbers
Lenhart Drive 14900
Lynnhurst Place 14900
Lynnhurst Street 14900
Pauline Drive 14268
Pickwick Lane 14264
Pinehurst Circle 14896
Pinehurst Parkway 14900
Pomander Lane 14900
Rocton Avenue  (see note) 14268 house numbers higher than 7729
Rocton Avenue  (see note) 14264 house numbers up to 7729
Rocton Court 14264
Rolling Court 14264
Rolling Road 14268
Rollingwood Drive 14900
Roshdu Court 14268
Shepherd Street 14896
Shirley Lane 14268
Summit Avenue 14264
Thornapple Street 14264
Turner Lane 14896
Vale Street 14264
West Greenvale Parkway 14900
Western Avenue (see note) 14896 6904 and higher house numbers
Western Avenue (see note) 14900 house numbers up to 6904
Winnett Road 14900
Woodbine Street  (see note) 14264 house numbers higher than 3207
Woodbine Street  (see note) 14268 3207 and lower house numbers
Woolsey Road 14268
Wyndale Road 14900


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Prepared by meeting organizers —   Sue Ducat and Patricia Moskof. 
Left, Pepco official George Scola (standing) addresses Rollingwood residents. Seated are RCA Members Sue Ducat (left) and Patricia Moscof (right), and Pepco’s Jack Chu (seated, middle).

On June 8th, three Pepco officials met with over 60 Rollingwood residents at the French International School to answer residents’ questions and to provide up to date information about the root causes of the outages in our area, Pepco’s plans to enhance customer communications, and the company’s plans to improve electric reliability. Representing Pepco were Jack S.Chu, Sr. Supervising Engineer for Montgomery County, Charles Washington, Senior Public Affairs Manager, and George Scola, Supervisor, Utility Finance. The meeting was organized and facilitated by Rollingwood Citizens’ Association Board Members Sue Ducat and Patricia Moskof.

A special thanks to the numerous elected officials who attended the meeting, including State Senator Richard Madaleno, State Delegate Jeffrey Waldstreicher, and State Delegate Alfred Carr, along with Karen McManus of Congressman Chris Van Hollen’s office and Susan Buffone of Councilman Roger Berliner’s office.

Pepco's Charles Washington speaks to the group.

Pepco officials reported that three of the four electrical distribution feeder lines (FDRs) which service our neighborhood, FDR#s 14264, 14896, and 14900 are among the least reliable feeders in the County. They fall into the top 2% of poorly performing lines based on the criteria of high frequency and extended duration outages. These feeder lines handle electrical distribution from several substations in Washington DC and Montgomery County. So you may learn which line serves your home, please see this map(Please note the map is a little difficult to read, as we had to scan the original.)  Residents should use this information when reporting outages. Pepco officials stressed that the company has initiated plans to upgrade various sections of these feeder lines throughout 2011 and is committed to correcting the problems they have caused. Work on upgrades began in the first quarter of this year and is ongoing. Pepco provided a schedule showing the status, location, and time lines for this work, which you can access here(Please note the schedule is a little difficult to read, as we had to scan the original.  It prints well, however.)

Fielding a question from the audience.

Residents learned that Pepco, in response to ongoing hearings held by the Maryland Public Service Commission that started in August of 2010, has developed a five year $500 million Reliability Enhancement Plan that addresses these six major issues: tree trimming, improving priority feeders, meeting increased customer demand for energy, installing advanced technologies, replacing aging infrastructure, selective under-grounding and supply line enhancements. Of particular interest are two sets of plans. One is to install advanced control systems that allow the electric system to identify problems and perform switching automatically so outages can be minimized and controlled. The second is to install devices that pinpoint exact addresses where outages take place. More details on this Plan are available at the Pepco web site

Elected officials Madaleno, Waldstreicher, and Carr who spoke to residents at the close of the meeting stressed the view that Pepco’s past performance is not acceptable for our community or for any community in the State. Maryland State legislation they helped pass this year includes significant fines for outage incidents, efforts to hold Pepco accountable to meet its performance standards, and restrictions on Pepco’s ability to pass along any penalty costs to its customers.

Residents who wish to learn more about State legislation and enforcement can visit the Maryland Public Service Commission web site, and type in Case # 9240 in the box at the left. Residents with complaints or questions are urged to contact any of the following:

Pepco Customer Service 202-833-7500 or for power outage or restoration time 1-877-PEPCO-62
Maryland Public Service Commission 1-800-492-0474
District 18 State Senator Richard Madaleno 410-841-3137
District 18 State Delegate Jeff Waldstreicher 410 841-3130
District 18 State Delegate Al Carr 410- 841-3638
County Council Member Roger Berliner 240-777-7828.

RCA plans to set up a citizen committee co-chaired by Sue Ducat and Patricia Moskof to serve as a liaison between Rollingwood residents and Pepco officials. The committee’s mission is to ensure that residents’ concerns are being addressed, to improve communications, and to insure that pertinent information is distributed in a timely manner.

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